Cornerstone Essid’s Story

Mokhtar is by origin Tunisian and is raised up in a Muslim family. Thirty-five years ago he was born again and gave the authority of his live over to his father in Heaven and to Yeshua.
Since 1994 he has been intensely involved in the engagement between Arab Christians and Christians from the nations, who believe in Thora and love Gods appointed feasts and have the conviction to be grafted into the olive tree (Romans 11), of which Yeshua is the root.
Mokhtar is married with Sifra and together they have three children: a son, a daughter (a twin) of 26 and a son of 24 years old. He lives already for 30 years in the Netherlands and labours through Cornerstone Ministries for Christians in North-Africa, the Middle East and Israel. Cornerstone Ministries works on the basis of prayer for the Arab nations and Israel.
Mokhtar was able to testify on different places and occasion about reconciliation and forgiveness, among others to political leaders. In October 2005-2009 he brought a message of reconciliation to the Knesset, the Israeli Parliament. In 2006 he gave his testimony in the Parliament of Ethiopia. He spoke twice in the European Parliament about the Holocaust, in 2009 and 2010


Cornerstone Short introduction and motivation

On the age of 23 I was sent out for the first time to Tunisia. At that time there were 2 known Tunisian Christians in the whole nation.
Already then I was confronted on evangelization visits with persons that would behave as Muslims on the street, but inside their home they would be Jewish.
I left the mission agency, because their ways were very traditional and not in accordance with the Word of God.
I was sent out the second time by an evangelical community, without mission agency in 1982.At that time there was 1 home community in Tunisia and that is where I met my husband Mokhtar. We were married in 1984. We were sent out to Tunisia to form a new home community in the north of Tunisia, but whatever we did it all failed. We realized we were in a spiritual battle that concerned all of Tunisia and we stated a movement of intercession. The result was that we were put out of fellowship by our Tunisian brothers and sisters, we were threatened to lose our lives and we fled the country with a baby and 2 toddlers. We found ourselves in the Netherlands with nothing but our lives, but we knew we had the key for victory: intercession and repentance for the sins the nation was based on.