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The parable of the sower makes it clear to us that one should sow the best in good ground, for it promises to give the best result.
Before there is sown, the ground must be cultivated. This is usually a though work and most often it is not visible, as there is no fruit to be shown. Reconciliation between Jew and Arab and the teaching about what the Bible really says is always a process of cultivating the ground: we first remove the old thorns and thistles and we dig out the heavy stones to get them removed, cleansing the ground…and how much ground is today not polluted with oil or heavy metals: then the grounds needs to be dug off.
Our ministry is like this: hard work, sometimes for years and moving on to a next task, while others work on the ground that has been prepared. It was like this in founding the movement of home churches in Tunisia, it was like this in forming the leadership for North-Africa churches in France and it is like this in Reconciliation between Jew and Arab. There are often people who remark that they long back to the conferences we organized back at De Bron. But this time is over and will not come back. Sometimes we see the result of participants of these conferences in the Middle East, for example a Messianic Jew who cooperates with Palestinian believers, or who invite a Syrian believer to enter into a relationship. The work continues, without us.