Let my people enter

Cornerstone Let my people enter

This was the theme of the conference in Gibraltar where Mokhtar and I would participate in at the end of October. Mokhtar became sick a day before departure and therefore Sifra went alone.
It was a very tiny conference with approximately 50 participants, of whom many from Gibraltar and Spain and the Fins who had organized this conference, a few Italians and furthermore individuals like me. The objective of the conference was to network. All the participants are people who like Mokhtar and I (as couple, family or small team) do a lot of work in a isolate way, but internationally and in cooperation with Messianic Jews.
Sometimes, as I have to explain to somebody that we are missionaries and what kind of work we do (outside of the big mission organizations) this person will look at me in a way as: ‘Are you totally nuts?’ This idea I had with some of the participants: What an ‘alien’ I thought, but finding much recognition after meeting the person. People with an apostolic ministry, pioneers who live out of the prophecies of the Bible and who have much knowledge of the history and therefore of the time we live in now.